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Guy Cohen

Gap and Flag Setups at Earnings

by Guy Cohen 25. January 2015 10:47
It's been a mixed bag out there for this earnings season, with the financial stocks dropping, bouncing and stalling, and several majors about to announce this week.  SBUX and NFLX have gapped up following their earnings announcements and we now monitor them to see if a resultant ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Yet Again the RRT Does its Work

by Guy Cohen 23. January 2015 09:05
After a hesitant start the Railroad Track I identified on Monday certainly found its sweet spot yesterday with a powerful surge of 31 points on the S&P, 260 on the Dow, and closing near the day's highs.  As I said right from the start, it wasn't the best RRT setup we'd ever seen but it was ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Tentative Reversals was the right call

by Guy Cohen 22. January 2015 08:34
As I mentioned the other day the SPY and DIA exhibited railroad tracks albeit not the most compelling.     The reaction has been a tentative reversal that at least is in winning territory and you can protect yourself as a result. If you've been reading my emai... [More]
Guy Cohen

Select Potential Reversals

by Guy Cohen 19. January 2015 08:48
The SPY and DIA are exhibiting railroad tracks (not the most compelling but the pattern is there), and a couple of select stocks are showing signs of promise.  Otherwise, we're still in the thick of earnings, and in this particular market anything could happen.  So, the more adventurous mi... [More]
Guy Cohen

Oil, Earnings, OVI Make This a Game of Patience

by Guy Cohen 13. January 2015 10:50
So the railroad track reversal from last week was profitable but very short term.  And as suggested in the video, during times like these you need to think about protecting those one-day profits quickly by adjusting your stops, particularly at a time like this.  A time like this is means w... [More]