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Guy Cohen

The OVI Sentiment Indicator ... A volatile earnings season and potential reversals

by Guy Cohen 15. April 2014 14:27
We're right in the middle of earnings season so it's time to be cautious.  A couple of railroad tracks might prove to be pivotal on the S&P and the DOW, and potential reversals imminent for a couple of financial stocks.  
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Guy Cohen

Patience ... and XOM

by Guy Cohen 4. April 2014 11:28
Earnings is around the corner and even with the S&P touching new highs, I'm of the mind that patience is a virtue right now. That said, it's worth taking a look at how XOM is shaping up ...                             &nb... [More]
Guy Cohen

Continued Mixed Signals

by Guy Cohen 25. March 2014 08:21
Another day and more mixed signals from this market, defined by many bearish patterns and minor support breaks but many positive OVIs as well.  We have earnings in a few weeks' time which should add to the mix.  If in doubt it's fine to sit on the sidelines while the market makes its mind ... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 2014.03.24 - Still Mixed Signals

by Guy Cohen 24. March 2014 09:22
Still mixed signals as I mentioned on Friday's review.  This is perfectly natural, so don't panic if you're not finding too many amazing trades.  They tend to come along like buses ... none for a while and then they all arrive at once! ERROR - UNABLE TO LOAD CONTROL : /User controls/CamtasiaPlayer.ascx ... [More
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 2014.03.21 - Mixed Signals

by Guy Cohen 21. March 2014 10:21
It's a strange market as there are a multitude of head and shoulders (bearish) patterns hovering like clouds, but many OVI readings remain in positive territory. Gold and Silver are taking a rest from their recent heroics and the major equity indices are indecisive at the moment.  As you'l... [More]