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Guy Cohen

Fortune Favoured the Brave Yesterday!

by Guy Cohen 4. February 2015 14:05
I said yesterday that a follow-through up day was likely even if it wasn't the greatest ever signal, and that's exactly what did happen.  We're a touch off at the open today.  CMG took a nasty hit with its earnings at the close though it's still well above my original entry point, but... [More]
Guy Cohen

Now time to be uber selective

by Guy Cohen 3. February 2015 12:03
Yesterday I mentioned that a lot can change very quickly in the markets ... It's still choppy out there which means be very selective, but yesterday's close suggests a follow-through today.  Again, I emphasise be very selective.  This is not the greatest signal I've ever seen by a lon... [More]
Guy Cohen

A time to be in cash

by Guy Cohen 2. February 2015 11:21
As I mentioned in my members' meeting last Thursday, this is what you'd call an ideal time to not trade.  We're still in the thick of earnings, though many of the large market movers have already announced, and the market is reacting with uncertainty, lurching one way and then another. For... [More]
Guy Cohen

AAPL announces today after the close

by Guy Cohen 27. January 2015 08:57
A big day today as the market awaits AAPL's earnings announcement, and there are more to follow later in the week.  Be sure to notice our earnings tool that not only tells you the date of a stock's forthcoming earnings, but also the time of day.  It's in today's video along with a market c... [More]
Guy Cohen

Gap and Flag Setups at Earnings

by Guy Cohen 25. January 2015 10:47
It's been a mixed bag out there for this earnings season, with the financial stocks dropping, bouncing and stalling, and several majors about to announce this week.  SBUX and NFLX have gapped up following their earnings announcements and we now monitor them to see if a resultant ... [More]