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Guy Cohen

Not Many Patterns Out There

by Guy Cohen 20. May 2014 08:09
Similar to Friday's email, it's all a bit mixed out there, and not many constructive patterns to take advantage of.  This will change in due course, but just be patient in the meantime.                              ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Wobbly

by Guy Cohen 16. May 2014 07:33
So the Dow and S&P did grind to new highs but couldn't stay there.  As I mentioned last time there were very few bullish setups and markedly more bearish setups.   We have an inconsistent market right now, which means for the main part take a deep breath and let the market sort it... [More]
Guy Cohen

Where are the flags ... and is BA rediscovering its mojo?

by Guy Cohen 13. May 2014 08:52
As I mentioned last week, the main indices have 'grinded' upwards with the S&P and Dow reaching for new highs.  At the same time there are very few bullish flag patterns around, considerably outnumbered by bearish flags.   Several stocks to take a look at today and a reminder that... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Grinding Up Just

by Guy Cohen 6. May 2014 11:23
Dear %%First Name%% The main indices are still grinding upwards with a few mixed signals out there, while the Russell Midcap Index is shaky.  XOM continues to behave well - this is exactly the type of opportunity that I thrive on.  The financial stocks are struggling and we still have... [More]
Guy Cohen

Mixed Earnings Season

by Guy Cohen 30. April 2014 12:35
This earnings season continues to be choppy with AAPL delighting investors while other stocks rather moribund.  Just a couple of weeks to go and hopefully the market will be clearer as to its intent. In the meantime XOM has its earnings tomorrow and exhibited a doji reversal bar yesterday,... [More]