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Guy Cohen

New Java Desktop Version of OVI Charts

by Guy Cohen 13. December 2013 16:19
There is a new version of the Java OVI charts (for Java security reasons).  When you access the desktop version of the OVI charts, accept the option to run the new version.  This will involve it automatically downloading to your downloads folder, after which you should run the application.... [More]
Guy Cohen

Broad Markets Still Rising

by Guy Cohen 7. November 2013 15:43
The broad markets are still up - remember I've said for some time that the markets just want to go up ... well maybe apart from TSLA- more about that in a moment! The DIA and QQQ are reaching up to new highs with positive OVI readings. And the SPY is similar b... [More]
Guy Cohen

"Why isn't Ford doing what it's supposed to be doing?"

by Guy Cohen 3. November 2013 17:30
I received an email this morning from my most awkward student ... I mean this guy is seriously awkward!  Just kidding - he actually suggested that I start off this email by labelling him that way so I'm calling his bluff.  Anyway, this is what he wrote in his email:  Morning Guy, I&... [More]
Guy Cohen

TSLA and the Trading Mentality

by Guy Cohen 30. October 2013 15:07
Yesterday I wrote about TSLA having a potentially bearish setup below $158.51.  It had all the components I would look for - a head and shoulders, a clear neckline, a wobbly OVI.  It duly broke through its support intraday, but came back strongly to form a potential reversal doji bar. &nbs... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update and Java Chart Security PopUp

by Guy Cohen 29. October 2013 15:49
Just a brief note today.  Earnings season is still in full flow and the markets are still bullish, making new highs.  For those who have access to our OVI charts, on some PCs you may see the security warning for the Java OVI charts.  This is quite standard and it is absolutely fine to... [More]