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Guy Cohen

Solid Recovery But Low Volumes

by Guy Cohen 19. August 2014 08:51
The markets have continued their solid recovery from the recent correction, but on low volume.  This isn't necessarily something to be suspicious of because we're in the middle of holiday season where volumes are typically lower anyway.  However it does pose a question mark over how this r... [More]
Guy Cohen

Potential Respite

by Guy Cohen 11. August 2014 09:13
Friday's action exhibited potential reversal behaviour while the OVI for the main three indices remained negative.  The green hollow price bar means potential respite for the markets, but the continued negative OVI means I remain cautious in terms of my 'guided discretionary' trading. I ob... [More]
Guy Cohen

Identifying Bearishness

by Guy Cohen 6. August 2014 08:10
A short video today comparing this current retracement with previous ones over the past year.  The previous ones have tended to resolve themselves with clear reversal signals occurring in the S&P, Dow and Nasdaq.  We're not seeing that right now, which indicates we have further to fall... [More]
Guy Cohen

Low Volume Monday

by Guy Cohen 5. August 2014 11:55
Yesterday's volume was low as the indices recovered some of their poise.  The low volume is not the behaviour of hungry bargain hunting bulls, so we're not out of these woods yet.  Not all stocks are looking bad, but it's a nervy time right now. The Forum members have been relaying so... [More]
Guy Cohen

July 28th Webinar - Warning Signs

by Guy Cohen 28. July 2014 20:04
Here's the recording for the webinar held on Monday 28th July.  Be careful out there, the markets are looking shaky - the video explains. Click here for the video.