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Guy Cohen

Indices Forming Dojis

by Guy Cohen 3. October 2014 10:36
The three main indices all formed prominent Doji reversal bars yesterday, but I didn't find a huge number of worthy Doji stocks too. As predicted several weeks ago the markets have been rather volatile of late which is a signal in itself to focus on reversals or keep your powder dry.  Here... [More]
Guy Cohen

See Those Railroad Tracks

by Guy Cohen 22. September 2014 10:47
Last week I mentioned a number of stocks exhibiting Railroad Track patterns.  If you were onto them you'd have had a productive week!  I'll show them again in today's video.  Your Trading 'Homebase'I also want to pose a question for you today, and that is: Do you know what your '... [More]
Guy Cohen

Focus On The Best

by Guy Cohen 17. September 2014 09:48
The Markets were in no mood for my cautious outlook yesterday, and in today's video I'll be showing a sample of an almost unprecedented number of Railroad Track like patterns.    Yesterday's action could well be a sign of the market's intent.  I would still suggest some caution becaus... [More]
Guy Cohen

Right To Be Cautious

by Guy Cohen 15. September 2014 00:06
Many traders have latched onto my not-so-subtle caution in recent weeks even as the markets have ground their way to new highs.  As I put it last weekend, they've done so but without joy.  This continues to be my own sentiment, and as a result I manage risk by reducing size and being even ... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Gamble With News

by Guy Cohen 10. September 2014 20:10
So AAPL presents details of its new products and its stock whipsaws like crazy!  Of all the predictions you may have read about the reaction to yesterday's announcements, I'll bet none of them predicted such a muddle of a day. This is why you really have to pick your poison when it comes t... [More]