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Guy Cohen

Ring-fencing Those Reversals

by Guy Cohen 22. December 2014 08:55
Again we nailed the reversal setups last week and you should certainly pay attention to ring-fencing your reversal profits quickly so you can play for the windfall while protecting your profits.  It's a way of having your cake and eating it by way of smart trade management.  Two more days ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Nailed Those Reversals Yet Again

by Guy Cohen 19. December 2014 08:45
Yet again we've nailed a key reversal with those specific patterns we look for. Following the specific railroad tracks on Wednesday, yesterday morning I mentioned that the broader markets looked ready to turn due to the presence of more railroad tracks and railroad 'crossings' in the indices, k... [More]
Guy Cohen

Good Railroad Track Performance

by Guy Cohen 18. December 2014 07:37
My railroad tracks performed a treat for me yesterday with LINE, LNCO and VNR all performing excellently.  There's more where they came from yesterday and we have every chance now of a decent bounce.  To that end there are more railroad tracks in today's video and ... [More]
Guy Cohen

More Misery But a Few Railroad Tracks and Dojis

by Guy Cohen 17. December 2014 09:17
Much of yesterday looked hopeful for some sort of bullish response, but the day ended badly and most leaders closed near their lows.  On the face of it that sounds as bad as it looked.  However, many of these bars are in fact Doji type bars and we are still in a 'zone' of potential support... [More]
Guy Cohen

July Support Level Now In Play

by Guy Cohen 16. December 2014 08:17
Yesterday saw more red in the markets and we're now relying on the July highs for potential support for the S&P and Dow.  This remains an important support zone with much trading activity which you can see during August and September.  In terms of your guided discretionary trading this... [More]