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Guy Cohen

Decent Follow Throughs But You Must Protect Your Profits

by Guy Cohen 15. February 2015 16:22
Virtually all the stocks I've mentioned recently have come up trumps or are still on the verge.  That's great, but you must remember to protect your profits when they're on offer.  You do this either by closing out some of your position when the profits are handed to you, or you apply trai... [More]
Guy Cohen

Some Promising Setups and Follow-Throughs

by Guy Cohen 12. February 2015 12:58
Several promising setups and follow-throughs to report today, ranging from flags, bowls, post-earnings gap-ups (and flags) to decent reversal follow-throughs as well including AXP and ANET which both profited from their railroad tracks.  Stocks in today's video include: ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Still choppy but there are decent setups out there

by Guy Cohen 10. February 2015 09:15
We're still in this choppy phase which as I mentioned last time, means you should secure your profits quickly. There are nevertheless a number of decent setups which you should be aware of, ranging from post-earnings gap-ups, to decent looking consolidations.  Something I forgot to mention... [More]
Guy Cohen

Choppy Market plus The Post-Earnings-Gap-Up

by Guy Cohen 5. February 2015 09:26
The market is stuck in this choppy phase which means you ringfence your profits quickly - for example from the reversal I called a couple of days ago.  Right now you're sitting in profit, so don't let it slip through your fingers.  In this market anything could happen so when you get a gif... [More]
Guy Cohen

Fortune Favoured the Brave Yesterday!

by Guy Cohen 4. February 2015 14:05
I said yesterday that a follow-through up day was likely even if it wasn't the greatest ever signal, and that's exactly what did happen.  We're a touch off at the open today.  CMG took a nasty hit with its earnings at the close though it's still well above my original entry point, but... [More]