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Guy Cohen

Be cautious and protect your profits

by Guy Cohen 25. June 2014 07:50
As we approach the next earnings season we're still in a bull market for now, but there are signs of slight apprehension in the markets.  Therefore do ensure you hold onto your profits in the manner I teach in the videos. I'm currently in the Tuscan hills where the internet connection is a... [More]
Guy Cohen

INTC chart has my patterns

by Guy Cohen 16. June 2014 10:10
Last week saw the start of a retracement which has followed a strong market performance.  It remains to be seen how severe this retracement may turn out to be.  The OVI has dipped into negative territory on the S&P and DOW but only minorly and it's early days relatively speaking.  ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Breakouts and Webinar

by Guy Cohen 28. May 2014 09:46
During the last week or so I mentioned signs of life and the post earnings gap up.  The signs of life materialized into breakouts, and several of the post earnings gap-and-flag patterns that I mentioned have also broken out.  So today I'm expanding on these themes because it's important th... [More]
Guy Cohen


by Guy Cohen 23. May 2014 08:37
A quick follow-up from yesterday ... Small signs of life were continued yesterday but on low volume levels.  Also, big news on our side is that the programmers finally completed their de-bugging process with the OVIcopilot v2.0.  De-bugging is a process where different programming lan... [More]
Guy Cohen

Small Signs of Life ... And OVIcopilot v2.0 is on its way!

by Guy Cohen 22. May 2014 11:42
Small signs of life in the markets which do need to be confirmed by price action.  Also, the OVIcopilot v2.0 is to be released imminently.  The new version has been corroborated on with a team of hedge fund analysts in order to bring us in line with institutional standards.  This is u... [More]