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Guy Cohen

The Post Earnings Gap and Consolidation

by Guy Cohen 27. October 2014 22:32
The post-earnings gap-up and consolidation is a worthy chart setup.  With a persistently positive OVI it is excellent.  During the last year fine examples have included AAPL (April/May), FB (Jan/Feb) and GOOG (Oct/Nov13) which exhibited the pattern's power.  I'll be covering this setu... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings Winner and Losers

by Guy Cohen 27. October 2014 10:41
The market continued its impressive snapback last week, and as we emerge from earnings we'll have a better idea where it wants to go.  As ever this earnings has witnessed its winners and losers, but you'd have been hard pressed to second guess them.  There are a couple of stocks (watch the... [More]
Guy Cohen

Risk and Reversals

by Guy Cohen 22. October 2014 08:53
A significant snapback in the markets over the last few days, but there are still plenty of stocks yet to report earnings and the market remains volatile.  Many stocks' OVI readings are still negative and while we may miss the odd opportunity I'm happy to sit this particular time out.  As ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Volatile For a While

by Guy Cohen 19. October 2014 22:09
We're well into earnings now and there's no let up in the volatile nature of these markets.  As expected - and mentioned in last Thursday's webinar and recording - we did see a reversal on Friday but as also suggested in advance it wasn't straighforward to play, and therefore sitting on the sid... [More]
Guy Cohen

Dojis, Volatility and Earnings

by Guy Cohen 16. October 2014 10:40
There are plenty of Doji reversal setups today after a wild day in the markets yesterday.  However, we're now in the thick of earnings season and with the markets as they are, do you really need to take unnecessary risks?  That's the theme of todays video blog.   ERROR - UNABLE TO LOAD CONTROL : /U... [More