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Guy Cohen

July Support Level Now In Play

by Guy Cohen 16. December 2014 08:17
Yesterday saw more red in the markets and we're now relying on the July highs for potential support for the S&P and Dow.  This remains an important support zone with much trading activity which you can see during August and September.  In terms of your guided discretionary trading this... [More]
Guy Cohen

Critical Support Levels

by Guy Cohen 15. December 2014 08:47
We're at important support levels for the S&P, Dow and several leading stocks.  The cause of all this drama is the unfolding oil stand-off which is creating uncertainty in the markets.  My take on it is that lower oil prices should ultimately benefit most corporations and individuals, ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Avoid the Drama

by Guy Cohen 10. December 2014 14:25
The financials are by and large holding up while much of the market is consumed by uncertainty over oil.  The message today is a reminder to trade what you see!  If you do that you will avoid the drama and stick to our favourite patterns.  When they're not happening you do not need to... [More]
Guy Cohen

Financials Moving as Suggested

by Guy Cohen 8. December 2014 16:14
Last week I mentioned BAC and GS in a video and on Friday morning I mentioned them again together with other strong-looking financial stocks.  They promptly broke out on Friday.  Another classic setup has been with INTC where I had highlighted the combination ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Certain sectors wobbling, Financials looking stronger

by Guy Cohen 5. December 2014 09:12
It's still a bit choppy out there but the financial stocks are making some headway.    BAC, C, GS, JPM and MS are all at or near recent highs with predominantly persistent positive OVI readings.  A railroad tracks setup to consider is MPAA, but make ... [More]