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Guy Cohen

Today's OVI Market Video 2014.01.14

by Guy Cohen 14. January 2014 08:02
Here's my OVI Market Review Video for today.  On Saturday I said the markets were 'underwhelming' ahead of the main part of earnings season.  Yesterday they held true to that statement and had a negative day.  Remember, only trade when things look obvious according to our ru... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Poised Like a Coil on a Spring ...

by Guy Cohen 14. December 2012 11:55
They may not be quite ready yet, but there is a growing sense that the markets are coiling on a spring and will be on the move soon ... I would say by the end of the year we should have a clear signal.   The OVI for the Nasdaq (QQQ) has been quietly positive for almost three weeks, and ther... [More]
Guy Cohen

Last Night's Webinar

by Guy Cohen 31. August 2012 15:43
Hi Everyone Last night's webinar recording is now available here.    In it we did a thorough overview of the OVI-Flag combo strategy, we analyzed a number of stocks including KORS, VLO, WHR, PCYC, FB, AAPL, BAC, RIMM and many others.  We also looked at my new book, "The Insi... [More]
Guy Cohen

We Did It!!

by Guy Cohen 31. August 2012 04:57
Hi Everyone A huge thank you!  Just hours after our webinar we're #1 on Amazon's Bestseller list for Stocks.  Here's the screenshot ... I'll send the recording for the webinar later today. All the best, and many thanks again for your support! 
Guy Cohen

Intelligent Filtering With FlagTrader

by Guy Cohen 20. August 2012 10:47
Hi Everyone A quick tip on how to use our filters intelligently in FlagTrader.  * Let's say you start your routine with the OVI Traders Club Express40 stocks.  * You see that CVX and SLB both have positive OVIs and are trending upwards.  Both these stocks are in the ENERGY (Oil and Ga... [More]