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Guy Cohen

Important Earnings Week

by Guy Cohen 21. April 2014 17:25
There's been so much change with the OVI Traders Club recently that I must now re-record all the Welcome Videos, so they reflect how the site has evolved.  I'll send everyone the new emails and videos in the next couple of weeks just to keep you up to date.  Onto the markets ... More ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Nice work XOM ... and the Indices too!

by Guy Cohen 17. April 2014 08:51
Following on from yesterday ... Good work from XOM breaking out as I've been highlighting.  It's been a classic OVI breakout setup so be sure to watch today's video and previous ones over the last two weeks where I've been "stalking" it!  Also good reversal work from the S&P and t... [More]
Guy Cohen

Reversals and XOM

by Guy Cohen 16. April 2014 14:20
Dear %%First Name%% Today's video shows the potential reversals I highlighted yesterday with the S&P and the Dow. Both did as was expected, but if you took advantage of it, make sure you protect your profits as the market is still unpredictable during this earnings period.  Also XOM is... [More]
Guy Cohen

The OVI Sentiment Indicator ... A volatile earnings season and potential reversals

by Guy Cohen 15. April 2014 14:27
We're right in the middle of earnings season so it's time to be cautious.  A couple of railroad tracks might prove to be pivotal on the S&P and the DOW, and potential reversals imminent for a couple of financial stocks.  
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Guy Cohen

Patience ... and XOM

by Guy Cohen 4. April 2014 11:28
Earnings is around the corner and even with the S&P touching new highs, I'm of the mind that patience is a virtue right now. That said, it's worth taking a look at how XOM is shaping up ...                             &nb... [More]