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Guy Cohen

Time to Be Quiet

by Guy Cohen 31. May 2015 10:23
The markets still cannot quite get going.  A few standout stocks that look interesting, but by and large it's all a bit tepid out there.  So the best thing you can do right now is observe and wait for the setups to manifest.  In this video I review some of our favourite stocks, plus s... [More]
Guy Cohen

A Great Week

by Guy Cohen 24. May 2015 12:38
A great lesson from last week's review was not to be prejudiced and play the markets (and each stock) by its merits.  Initially last week I'd been lukewarm but highlighted several new stocks for serious consideration.  These included CRUS, SRPT,WAT, BAC, GS, BABA. ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Some Decent Patterns Out There

by Guy Cohen 17. May 2015 18:40
This feels a bit like groundhog day ... Last week I mentioned several bull flags, none of which have broken out - that's ok as no breakout means no losses.  But it also tells us something about a rather discerning market.  In today's full market review video, I go through several of o... [More]
Guy Cohen

Indices Want to Push Up

by Guy Cohen 10. May 2015 12:00
The indices are very close to resuming an upward trend.  It may be a bumpy ride but that's what it's looking like today.  In this full market review video, I go through several of our favourite stocks, plus a number of interesting bull flags that I've highlighted at the end as potentials o... [More]
Guy Cohen

Reasons for Caution

by Guy Cohen 6. May 2015 15:05
Just a quick note today to confirm my cautious outlook for the time being.  Right now the best thing to do is sit tight ... things can change pretty quickly, but the art to trading is to pounce when things look favourable.  Presently it's a mixed bag, which does not confer to me the advant... [More]