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Guy Cohen

OVI Market Review and Why You Must Avoid Tipsters

by Guy Cohen 3. October 2015 17:25
Earnings is around the corner again, and I'm expecting this one to be quite bumpy both ways again.  Today's market review is a lengthy one, so settle in and watch how a good number of stocks are shaping up - or not as the case may be.  Right now there are ambiguous signals in the markets, ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Webinar Recording is Up

by Guy Cohen 25. September 2015 01:17
After an evening of two third-party technical glitches I have finally got our webinar recorded, just past 1am local time!  During the webinar we take a look at the markets today and review what we've been saying for the last six months - it really is uncanny.  The markets are still precari... [More]
Guy Cohen

No Panics with the OVI

by Guy Cohen 18. September 2015 15:57
Yet again the OVI has done a fantastic job of keeping us at a safe distance from - or on the right side of - market dramatics.  This chart of the SPY shows its OVI as almost exclusively negative since early June.  The same goes for the OVIsi which has been red since June 22nd, enabling us ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Be patient for the high probability setups

by Guy Cohen 13. September 2015 19:25
The markets are bruised right now, and as I mentioned last week, I anticipate more uncertainty moving forward. It's so important to be patient as a trader.  It's much like hunting.  You can get involved all the time if you like, but it's likely to leave you tired and hungry.  Whe... [More]
Guy Cohen

Holidays Over, Volatility Unlikely to be Over

by Guy Cohen 7. September 2015 15:13
As I've mentioned recently I doubt very much the drama is over in these markets, and believe the recent lows - or at least the recent low closing prices - will be under threat again in the coming weeks or months, if not sooner. Let's see how things shake out during the next few days.  In t... [More]