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Guy Cohen

Webinar Replay 26th November

by Guy Cohen 27. November 2014 12:31
Just two days until my OVI Traders Live Workshop on Saturday!  Last night we had a great webinar where we covered current market conditions, new opportunities and how to make the most of our wonderful new tools in the OVI Traders Club, FlagTrader and the soon-to-come OptionEasy.  There's s... [More]
Guy Cohen

AAPL Needs a Rest

by Guy Cohen 26. November 2014 09:41
Bull flags forming on the S&P and Dow right now while the Nasdaq is a small Doji high.  I suspect that we need another brief rest soon, with even the AAPL powerhouse needing to take a breather, I would say sooner rather than later.  Nothing too dramatic, but an established st... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Purring

by Guy Cohen 21. November 2014 09:23
The markets are purring upwards as expected and it's worth remembering how it's best not to be wedded to a certain opinion of where you think the markets should be.  The only way to read the market is to be objective and use a well-proven logical method that explains price movement.  ... [More]
Guy Cohen

A Costly Snooze

by Guy Cohen 1. November 2014 11:27
So after two dozen great one-day reversals during September and October, the big one - the one that really mattered - was the one that I also identified correctly as another reversal, but decided to sit out.  The two mitigating factors were that after such a good burst of activity it's sensible... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Post Earnings Gap and Consolidation

by Guy Cohen 27. October 2014 22:32
The post-earnings gap-up and consolidation is a worthy chart setup.  With a persistently positive OVI it is excellent.  During the last year fine examples have included AAPL (April/May), FB (Jan/Feb) and GOOG (Oct/Nov13) which exhibited the pattern's power.  I'll be covering this setu... [More]