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Guy Cohen

Identifying Bearishness

by Guy Cohen 6. August 2014 08:10
A short video today comparing this current retracement with previous ones over the past year.  The previous ones have tended to resolve themselves with clear reversal signals occurring in the S&P, Dow and Nasdaq.  We're not seeing that right now, which indicates we have further to fall... [More]
Guy Cohen

Low Volume Monday

by Guy Cohen 5. August 2014 11:55
Yesterday's volume was low as the indices recovered some of their poise.  The low volume is not the behaviour of hungry bargain hunting bulls, so we're not out of these woods yet.  Not all stocks are looking bad, but it's a nervy time right now. The Forum members have been relaying so... [More]
Guy Cohen

Resilient Markets

by Guy Cohen 21. July 2014 11:13
Lots going on in the world and yet the market has continued to demonstrate its resilience as shown by price action and OVI behaviour.  This is one of the reasons I don't pay too much attention to the news.  It's mainly drama and noise, and people who don't know how to invest properly alway... [More]
Guy Cohen

Caution into earnings

by Guy Cohen 11. July 2014 09:31
I've mentioned several times recently about the importance of protecting your gains, and this has been particularly important as the market wobbles in the run up to this earnings season. I don't pay much attention to what's happening in the news, I can see what I need to see in the OVI charts. ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets retrace but OVI holds firm

by Guy Cohen 9. July 2014 08:01
Last week I repeated the suggestion that you should 'Hold onto your gains'.  With yesterday's pullback those words are looking prophetic, especially as we move into earnings season.  However, the OVI is behaving curiously resiliently right now, so while I think it was right to suggest you ... [More]