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Guy Cohen

Snappy Bear Day

by Guy Cohen 4. September 2014 08:54
A snappy type of day in the markets yesterday.  AAPL took a hit apparently based on fears that it's lagging behind Samsung in the virtual gaming world and there are several potential reversals setting up from recent highs. Overall the OVI is bearing up well, but there has been price action... [More]
Guy Cohen

Bullish End to Holiday Season

by Guy Cohen 1. September 2014 13:21
The holidays are almost over and from a pure charts and OVI perspective the market looks strong. As you'll see from today's video many stocks are setting up in clusters and you'll notice how fluid the market is, with its ability to change form in just a matter of days.  Remember how it cha... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Rebound Continues

by Guy Cohen 24. August 2014 09:15
As I mentioned last week the markets have continued their solid recovery since the railroad track reversal pattern on 7-8 August, with the low volumes most likely to be attributable to the time of year. Behind the scenes we can see that the OVIsi is very close to turning green.  Remember i... [More]
Guy Cohen

Solid Recovery But Low Volumes

by Guy Cohen 19. August 2014 08:51
The markets have continued their solid recovery from the recent correction, but on low volume.  This isn't necessarily something to be suspicious of because we're in the middle of holiday season where volumes are typically lower anyway.  However it does pose a question mark over how this r... [More]
Guy Cohen

Potential Respite

by Guy Cohen 11. August 2014 09:13
Friday's action exhibited potential reversal behaviour while the OVI for the main three indices remained negative.  The green hollow price bar means potential respite for the markets, but the continued negative OVI means I remain cautious in terms of my 'guided discretionary' trading. I ob... [More]