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Guy Cohen

OVI Power!

by Guy Cohen 17. May 2012 00:58
I'm sure I don't need to harp on about how good the OVI is ... but seriously ... it is ridiculously good!!   We've known for some time now that the markets weren't happy.  The S&P OVI has been negative for well over a month and key support levels have now been broken.  Even A... [More]
Guy Cohen

Sell in May?

by Guy Cohen 13. May 2012 00:30
Well the charts look bearish, the OVI looks bearish and the count of flags looks bearish.  On the other hand the S&P is sitting at a key support level that could bounce back up.  My hunch right now is that a break of support is likely, but for how long I'm unsure.  This is why we ... [More]
Guy Cohen

S&P Still Flirting with Support, and AAPL's Big Influence

by Guy Cohen 11. May 2012 01:25
The markets are still flirting with the support levels I mentioned yesterday.  The S&P is marginally up having started strongly and I'll make a wager that when you refresh this chart you'll see the OVI is still negative!   Typically if support is going to hold the stock will rebou... [More]
Guy Cohen

S&P Teasing its Support Level

by Guy Cohen 10. May 2012 00:01
The S&P has been traversing sideways for a month or so now ... which just happens to coincide with the OVI being negative during the same time period.  Coincidence?  Come off it!  SPY  Bear flags are setting up with AAP and BAC, while GS broke down today only to form a D... [More]
Guy Cohen

How Fussy would you be if you could only make six trades in a year?!

by Guy Cohen 1. May 2012 23:28
Hi Everyone It was great to meet some familiar and some new faces at the Dan Zanger workshop in Los Angeles on Saturday.  Since then I've hopped from West to East, spending a few days in Caribbean before it's back to work in New York next week.  For those who didn't and couldn't make ... [More]