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Guy Cohen

A Classic Reversal Setup

by Guy Cohen 20. July 2012 17:28
I just had to show you a classic reversal setup that I saw last night.  SPYIn the chart you can see a Doji bar setup where there is also a 20-day extreme in price.  Here it's a price high, in other words, the SPY is making a 20-day high with the Doji bar.  A Doji bar is one where t... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Market is on Vacation

by Guy Cohen 19. July 2012 11:00
Well, sometimes you just have to allow the market to have rest.  Right now we're seeing a lot of churning and many stocks exhibiting neutral or nondescript OVI readings.  That's fine ... the market is simply telling us it's on vacation.  This is to be expected at this time of year, pa... [More]
Guy Cohen

Lunch with a Trading Legend

by Guy Cohen 8. July 2012 15:58
On my travels in the US, and yesterday I was privileged to have lunch with a trading legend.  Gil Morales is a former colleage of the great William O'Neil, and co-wrote the phenomal book "How to Trade Like An O'Neil Disciple - How We Made 18,000% In the Stock Market" Think about that ... 1... [More]
Guy Cohen

You Must Take Partial Profits at the P1 Profit Target

by Guy Cohen 6. July 2012 01:25
Hi Everyone A couple of months ago I was privileged to meet two people who have made an phenomenal success from trading with my methods.  By this I mean they had multiplied their account TEN-fold in just three-and-a-half months.  They're a father-son team and they trade together too, both ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Improvements to the OVI Traders Club

by Guy Cohen 26. June 2012 16:41
You may have noticed some improvements to the OVI Traders Club recently.  Here's a quick run-through: 1. If you're also a member of FlagTrader, you'll notice a FlagTrader tab appear at the top and on the left hand menus.  This gets you access to the FlagTrader tools without having to ... [More]