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Guy Cohen

No real surprises

by Guy Cohen 22. November 2011 20:31
No real surprises with today's action given that the OVI has been more negative in recent weeks.  My forecast throughout the summer and autumn for increasing volatility looks sound.  SPYDown through support now ... will continue to be volatile for some time.  I said a while back ... [More]
Guy Cohen

This is the type of opportunity to trade

by Guy Cohen 18. November 2011 21:58
The main indices continue to be flakey so let's focus on something that was so obvious in our trading language that it stuck out like a sore thumb: GSIt's back to one of our old favorites, GS.  Here it is on Monday.  A bearish flag consolidating just above $98 and very negative OVI.&nb... [More]
Guy Cohen

My Apologies

by Guy Cohen 17. November 2011 10:30
Last week I wrote a guest slot in another publication and mentioned a stock that had emerged from one of my filters.  The stock was PEIX.  I actually wrote the article on 7th November and it was published on 10th November.  On the 7th I also wrote you an email but omitted this stoc... [More]
Guy Cohen

More Volatility Happening

by Guy Cohen 15. November 2011 02:23
I mentioned last time that more volatility was likely ... and that is happening with whipsaws being the rather unpleasant norm.  During times like this we have to be patient - it's not always going to be like this!  Currently the markets are twitchy because every day there's a new sca... [More]
Guy Cohen

More Volatility Likely

by Guy Cohen 8. November 2011 22:32
We've seen a classic pennant forming on the main indices that seems to be resolving itself to the upside - at least in the short term.   Let's look at the indices to tell us some more: SPY From the chart the OVI is doing its best to keep us guessing with a virtually neutral reading, but th... [More]