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Guy Cohen

Doors Now Open for the Informed Trader Workshop

by Guy Cohen 31. October 2011 10:53
Hi Everyone  The doors are officially open for my annual "Informed Traders Practical Workshop" on 10th December. As always, it's going to be an fantastic day, and will be focused on our unique tools to find  This is my Christmas Special and it's only available for a short time.&... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Consolidates

by Guy Cohen 28. October 2011 20:30
The markets took some time off today and I'm not expecting too many hijinks in the last half-hour.  This is just a quick email to say have a great weekend, and let's look forward to next week.  I also want to say thank you to a few folks who've written in to say how well they've done wit... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Goes Nuts

by Guy Cohen 27. October 2011 13:28
Yesterday I said the following, verbatim: My prognosis for the markets remains unchanged.  In the short term we've had some upside, but medium term I see challenges ahead.  Ok, I didn't expect it to go quite so nuttily upside in just a day, but it seems the powers that be in the Eurozo... [More]
Guy Cohen

Turnaround Trader Urgent Video Bulletin

by Guy Cohen 26. October 2011 21:18
I've prepared a very short video that explains how we find our Dojis and price extremes, when you trade them and when you move to the next opportunity.   Basically the TradeFinder is identifying Doji bars today combined with 20-day price extremes (highs or lows) within the last two days.  ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings up and down

by Guy Cohen 26. October 2011 10:51
Well, the markets are up overall during this earnings season, but not for the first time recently, this week we've witnessed a breakout followed by an immediate reversal.  With so much uncertainty out there, combined with inconsistent earnings results, it's no wonder we're witnessing ... [More]